Released October 2013 from Blank Slate Press.

Mitchell Adams is a social worker in private practice in present day St. Louis, reeling from his lover’s murder, who receives an urgent late-night plea to see a suicidal man in city jail, surprising because the request comes from Detective Baker, who tried to imprison him for murder last year. A black man from north St. Louis named Lonnie stands accused of armed robbery and counterfeiting 25 million dollars. The evidence points to an open and shut case, but Detective Baker insists there’s more to the story. Reluctantly, Mitch meets with Lonnie and, as he gradually earns Lonnie’s trust, he finds there is indeed much more to the story—enough to get them both killed.

But Lonnie refuses to cooperate. Is it to protect his partners, subjects of an intense manhunt by the city’s chief prosecutor and the Secret Service, or has he done the impossible—created perfect, undetectable copies of hundred dollar bills? To learn the truth no one wants exposed, Mitch must take to the streets and risk his life, as the case polarizes the city along racial lines. Mitch comes to realize that none of the major players are what they appear to be and he becomes the next target of the brilliant prosecutor, a man running for the US Senate. Mitch’s life hinges on the word of a counterfeiter, blind greed and ambition, and his ability to again think fast on his feet in the slim hope to rediscover himself along the way.

No longer available from Author House, as The Interrogation Chair is in the process of a second printing from Blank Slate Press, due later this fall.

Competitive, cocky Mitchell Adams is a Ph.D. social worker in St. Louis who has it all—intelligence, good looks, a thriving private practice and a beautiful girlfriend named Kristin Gray—until his highly ordered world is suddenly turned inside out by her brutal murder.

All evidence points to Mitch when he starts receiving disguised phone calls from someone claiming to be her killer…and his client. The cunning, delusional killer carries a past grudge and is hell bent to put Mitch through the trials of Job in a sick game of cat and mouse—if Mitch goes to the police the killer vows to murder one of his clients next.

Faced with a spectrum of colorful, challenging clients as potential suspects, Mitch runs the killer’s twisted gauntlet alone in a race against time to catch the killer before the police arrest him for Kris’ murder. Mitch finds himself in the hot seat with an amoral killer, armed with words as his only defense while he struggles to save himself from a horrific death. Smooth-talking Mitch must ‘sell Swastikas to the Pope’ if he is to survive.

His odyssey returns him to his days as a fledgling therapist, forces him to admit to his own past secret and make him choose between learning the truth about the woman of his dreams and keeping a memory alive.

The Virtual Suicide Machine:

Mitch Adams returns to try and save his best friend and mentor Tony Martin…from himself. Guilt-ridden from a past affair with a client that left his marriage in tatters and dying to step out of the shadows cast by his dead psychiatrist father, Ph. D. psychologist Tony gets an ambitious idea to develop a machine to treat suicidal clients using Virtual Reality. There’s only one problem—the technology doesn’t yet exist.

In need of the latest technology to reverse-engineer the human brain and make his vision a reality, Tony signs with a local engineering firm, whose eccentric leader has twelve ‘apostles,’ a beautiful and beguiling female engineer named Danny Naila…and an ulterior motive.

After exhaustive research, Tony tests his machine on himself one night and finds that it works, only to be drugged and wake up to find his life’s work and all his research stolen. Danny is at the eye of the storm, but who are her masters and what is their plan?

At self-inflicted rock bottom, Tony turns to Mitch for help to try to unravel the mystery of the stolen machine and keep his family intact. The skeptical Mitch teams with his new girlfriend Miranda Gabriel, a fantasy broker, to discover the frightening power of the Suicide Machine and its potential for evil as well as healing. Danny proves a cunning foil, elusive as smoke and deadly as a cobra. To prevent a tragedy with global ramifications, Mitch must betray a therapeutic confidence to catch his prey and call on his old frenemy Detective Baker, for help. If Mitch cannot anticipate Danny’s final move, he’ll be too late to stop a machine mankind is not ready for.

Due for release in 2014.