Copies of Counterfeit are now for sale on the Fiction and Literature aisles at the Chesterfield, MO, Barnes & Noble store at 1600 Clarkson Rd, # 636-536-9636!

Come join us November 4, 2014 at the Book House in Maplewood, MO, 63143 at 7pm for a group book signing offered by all the Blank Slate authors. It starts at 7pm and goes until the last book is sold. We have just released several novels, ranging from  historical, Young Adult, suspense/crime fiction, slice of life comedy, to fiction! BSP has a growing collection of talented writers who are also nice, smart and funny people. The holidays are just around the corner, so drop in and shop for yourself and others! Make some new friends in the writing community.

On November 8, 2014, authors Rick Skwiot, Marie Savage and I will be signing copies of our latest novels (as well as older ones) at STL Books in Kirkwood, MO, from 1-3 pm.

I have a book club presentation also in November to a private group of 15 readers for a discussion of Counterfeit and am available for other book clubs in the St. Louis area for groups of 10 or more pre-sales.