LEFT BANK BOOKS presents SCOTT L. MILLER Monday, January 12th, 2015 at 7pm

at 399 N. Euclid Ave. in the Central West End.

Presentation and reading followed by book signing

Free and open to the public

Happy hour afterwards to be announced!

Naked, alone in the dark lab, Tony Martin struggled into the skin-tight black body suit and donned the heavy headgear. His shallow breaths vanished in the air; his hands shook. He connected the electrodes to the contact points of the suit. He never would have tried this alone without good reason…

I’m losing myself more and more when writing scenes for the third installment in my Mitch Adams series. I look at the clock when I land back on earth and marvel at the passage of time. Total immersion (what happens to a client in virtual reality) in a scene is like taking a drug. The first word that comes to mind about my next novel is intense, followed by, in no particular order: over the top; kinky; funny; thought-provoking (because the premise could actually happen in a few years); sexy; and multi-faceted characters with dual natures. It’s a book that’s pessimistic and optimistic, destructive and redemptive, illustrative of the best and worst in mankind, but above all the ruination it’s a novel of redemption for the protagonists.  Hell, maybe Immersion

The deeper I get into the third installment of my Mitch Adams series, the more I’m losing myself. Writing a scene is becoming like total immersion (what happens to a client in virtual reality). I finish a scene, return to earth, look at the time and marvel at how quickly it’s passed. The first word that comes to mind about the manuscript is intense, followed, in no particular order, by: thought-provoking; sexy in a kinky, twisted way with a great femme fatale; scary (because the premise of the novel could actually happen in our lifetime); funny; and complex. The characters all have dual natures and conflicting desires, motivations. The novel is both pessimistic and optimistic, tragic and comic, destructive and restorative, but most of all it is a tale of redemption for one man who has been through a meat grinder. Note to Kristy, my publisher: Immersion just might be the one-word title we’ve been looking for.

What do an engineering firm, World War Three, perfumes, snake tattoos, suicides, the Middle East conflict, virtual reality, kidnappings, Yiddish curse words, the basilica in St. Louis, kinky sex, interrogation techniques, ethnic cleansing, and Pope Francis being poisoned have in common?

They’re all topics I’ve researched or things that happen in my next Mitchell Adams novel due out in 2015, working title The Virtual Suicide Machine. Try putting all that into a story. I dare you!  66000 words and growing. Would you believe me when I say it’s a novel about redemption?

Was invited as the guest author to a St. Louis book club tonight. Hazel and her husband Tom were gracious hosts and the club members very knowledgeable and friendly. They’ve been meeting monthly for many years. Discussed my two novels and the third in the works, shared good food and drink and made some new friends! For those who have never belonged to a book club, it’s a great way to expand your mind, your horizons and meet new friends. Long live book clubs!

Today’s book signing at STL Books in Kirkwood was fun and a success. Marie Savage and Rick Skwiot joined yours truly, discussing our novels with store customers, eating Marie’s dynamite baklava and having the best of times. Book store owner Robin Theiss was gracious as always and I learned some insights into running a book store, which is my retirement dream job. Am hoping the Post reviews Interrogation soon as it was just released Nov 1, 2014. Everyone has a secret in the novel and Falkner’s quote “the past is never dead. It’s not even past” is never truer than in Interrogation.  Mitch comes to learn that man is not defined by what he thinks he is, but by what he hides.

A very good adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s monster suspense novel. Rosamund Pike did an excellent job of playing amazing crazy Amy. I looked up Gone Girl reviews in Amazon just for grins and get this…over 2100 reviewers (of over 55000 reviews)  gave it 1 of 5 stars. Talk about amazing! Looked like most of those were people who don’t like naughty words in their readin’ material and judged it on one level.  The only scene in the novel I struggled with came when she went to an abandoned mall full of homeless people…to buy a gun? Made no sense to me. A great read and very good movie!

Mother Nature made it a bit cold this weekend for book lovers and local authors, but a fun time was had by those present…got to meet 2014 Hugo and Nebula Award winning author Ann Leckie and have her sign a copy of Ancillary Justice and pick up Laura McHugh’s The Weight of Blood. Look forward to reading both soon, along with many other talented, funny and brilliant local authors.  Many thanks to Kristina Blank Makansi and all the other organizers of this weekend event!

Come join us in the Delmar Loop next weekend! Over 50 St. Louis published authors, headlined by Ridley Pearson, will be speaking, participating in panel discussions, and signing their novels. I will be present along with several of my Blank Slate Press authors and our publisher.  I will be part of a panel discussion and Sat from 2-3pm signing copies of Counterfeit and Interrogation can be pre-ordered for a 20% discount (I’m not sure if soft covers will be available in time for the festival). The Friday event is a cocktail party at 7:30 pm and is the only cost, $25 per person. You can meet the authors, dress up as your favorite author and possibly win prizes. There will be plenty of childrens’ authors and events Sat and Sun that are all no cost.